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Model ships

The production of model ships

For more than 17 years our company has specialised in the sale of motorised boats and has gradually expanded its activities. A few years ago we joined forces with the top producer of model boats, and after making substantial investments we jointly laid the foundation of the serial production of highly detailed model boats.  e combination of the most up-to-date technology and our many years of experience in this sphere is a guarantee of the top quality of the fi nal product, down to the last detail. At present we are off ering to construct faithfully copies of model boats for clients and other marketing purposes. However, our experience and technology also allows for the construction of models of development projects, buildings, industrial units and many other items, which we have also realised. On order we can produce one unique model of any type of boat – prototype.

Offer for the production of model boats:

Information required:

  • data in 3D format, ideally in the format .3dm
  • colour specifi cations of individual parts – according to the colour sampler
  • photography or video if possible

When supplying this information a good idea is to abide by the following simple rule: “The perfection and accuracy of a model is restricted many by the quality and accuracy of the information provided.”

Models will be produced from the following materials

  • hull according to specifications – moulded polyurethane or epoxy laminate
  • the glass components from plexiglass (available in different colours)
  • wooden components – imitation teak using wood veneer
  • stainless steel parts – if technology permits (which is 90% of the time), it is possible to have the parts chromed using chrome steaming technology
  • bronze alloy – if this involves the propeller we use quality imitation Revell paints. A more expensive variant is brass propellers
  • upholstery of exterior seats – imitation mat paints (smaller scale), artificial leather (larger scale and if manual processing technology so permits)

Scales, dimensions

  • in the case of smaller boats (20-40 feet) we recommend a scale of 1:15
  • in the case of boats from 40 to 50 feet we recommend a scale of 1:20
  • for larger boats a scale of 1:25 to 1:35

The total length of the model boat should be in the region of between 50 cm and 90 cm. Given these measurements it is possible to ensure the best ratio of detail, quality and price.



Delivery dates


50 cm–60 cm: 14 days
70 cm: 21 days
80 cm–90 cm: 30 days

Serial production (10 units)

After production of the prototype in accordance with the deadlines specified above a series of ten models can be produced within 21 days. » Model ships

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