Production of ship models

Several years ago, we joined forces with a leading manufacturer of ship models and, thanks to considerable investments, we laid the foundation for serial production of ship models with sophisticated details. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and long-term experience in this field ensures the highest quality of the final product, without any detail. Now we offer you the construction of faithful copies of ship models for clients and other marketing use. However, our experience and technology also allows the construction of models of development projects, houses, industrial units and much more, which we have also realized. We can also make one unique model of any boat – a prototype.

Offer for making boat models:

Required documents
  • data in 3D format, ideally .3dm format
  • color specification of individual parts – according to the color chart
  • preferably photos or video

When delivering documents, it is good to follow a simple rule: „The perfection and accuracy of the model is determined primarily by the quality and accuracy of the documents supplied.“

The models will be made of these materials
  • hull according to specification – casting polyurethane or epoxy laminate
  • wood parts – imitation teak using wood veneer
  • Plexiglass glass elements (also available in various colors)
  • stainless steel elements – if the technology allows it (which is 90%), it is possible to have the parts chrome plated using chrome vapor deposition technology
  • bronze alloys – when it comes to propellers, we use quality imitation of Revell paints, more expensive variant are brass bolts
  • upholstery of outdoor seats – imitation matt colors (smaller scale), leatherette (larger scale and if the technology of manual processing allows it)
Scales, dimensions
  • for smaller boats (20 – 40 feet) we recommend 1:15 scale
  • for ships of 40 to 50 feet in length, we recommend a 1:20 scale
  • for larger ships, the scales are 1:25 to 1:35

The total model length should then be between 50 and 90 cm. In these dimensions it is possible to ensure the best ratio of sophistication of detail, quality and price.

Delivery times

50 cm – 60 cm: 14 days
70 cm: 21 days
80 cm – 90 cm: 30 days

Serial Production
After production of the prototype according to the above terms, a series of ten models can be made within 21 days.